Hi There!


I’m Rosie,  part time outdoor enthusiast, full time wedding photographer based in the North East.

I studied photography at Edinburgh Napier University and graduated in 2016 with a First Class Honors degree.

I am a born and bred Northumbrian girl with a posh accent but no horse.

I believe the most valued image in any wedding gallery is the candid portrait – it’s the real man of the match.

A  Few Facts About Me



I have a one year old Irishdoodle called Maggie- she’s nuts


I joined a running club in lockdown and I’m now a strava addict


I over-use exclamation MARKs
All the time!!


 I’m obsessed with Mazda’s.
I follow those nerdy car pages on instagram


I will probably (definitely) cry at your weddinG

Behind the Scenes

 I recently moved to Alnwick with my fiance, Jack (he’s the tall ginger one). We love all things outdoorsie and it’s one of the main reasons we moved back to our country roots. 

My perfect weekend usually involves pulling on a wetsuit and heading out in the North Sea for a morning surf.

Last April we added another member to our team when we brought home Maggie the Irishdoodle (she’s the little ginger one)

We are currently re-planning our own wedding due to the pandemic – why plan 1 wedding when you can plan 2? 

We are due to get married in August 2022, I am very excited and LOVE chatting all things weddings.



Most likely found

On a Wave that’s too big for me



Fancy a Virtual

Cup of Coffee

Now that you’ve gotten to know me a little bit, I’d love to get to know you! Let’s chat all things weddings over a nice cup of coffee

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