Rebecca & Jonny



“As two people who have never had their photos taken before, we were a bit nervous and as soon as we met for our pre shoot it went away. You were easy to work with and you directed us when needed but for most of the time it was just like we were going about our day and this then translated to the wedding. You were lovely to our wedding guests and people thought you were a friend we had known for a long time! Most the time we didn’t know you were there as we went about our day. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of my day away from my guests and the party taking pictures and I think we spent about 15 minutes after the service and another 15 minutes later on and even then it was nice to be alone with my husband, it never felt like I was being made to stage photos.

Your work has a lot more meaning that you might think, you capture the important parts of our lives to live on forever. 


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