Alex & Callum – Thrunton Woods

Jul 29, 2019 | Couples, Featured

I always say please feel free to bring your pets on couple shoots, but when a 6-foot Rocky walked out of the horse trailer in Kelso I realised this shoot would be a little different to what I was used too.

I have always been a little wary of horses ever since an embarrassing experience on a school trip to Beamish museum which involved me getting my finger dressed by a woman dressed as a wench with only first aid qualification in a 2 mile radius.

But not anymore! 

This shoot was fantastic, I soon began to not see Rocky not as a horse but as any typical family pet – he had such a great personality and was so obedient. Alex & Callum were naturals in front of the camera and we had a lovely couple of hours exploring their local woodland trails in Kelso. 

I was even more excited to learn that Rocky will be making a guest appearance on their wedding day at Kelso Borders Events Centre this year! 


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